About Rachel Polish

As a public relations and social media strategist, I’m incredibly gratified when I have the opportunity to share the good work of people, organizations or brands I respect. I’m especially passionate about giving back to my community and my country and much of my free time is dedicated to helping others. This blog explores different ways, no matter how big or small, we can all contribute to the greater good by leveraging the skills we already possess.

I’m public affairs specialist for the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve and recently served as a pro bono branding and communications consultant for the Taproot Foundation. I’ve worked for organizations such as JPMorgan Chase, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, SanDisk Corporation, PR Newswire and the California State Assembly, advising internal and external clients on public relations and social media strategy. I’m a frequent public speaker and blogger, an organizer of popular industry events and involved in a number of charitable activities, including completing a three-day walk, two full marathons and several half marathons to raise money for various causes. Directly giving back to my community is also important to me, as I recently completed my training as a San Francisco neighborhood emergency responder (SF NERT) and I serve on the board of JVS Bay Area.

My other passions include the San Francisco Giants, running, baking, hosting events, political history, new technology, good food and wine and discovering new ways to engage on the social web. I live in San Francisco with my amazing husband, Raul, and wonder dog, Pablo. Please connect with me on Twitter (@rachelpolish), Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and across the social web.

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